Adventist Youth Society

Leader: Grace Lampkin                                                                                                                                                                                       

The mission of the Adventist Youth Society is to lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to discipleship.Their aim is to spread the Advent message to the entire world in this generation. While there is to be an active AYS in the church, it is important that the youth program not be isolated from the church. Youth are expected to work with and learn from experienced officers. 
“When the youth give their hearts to God, our responsibility for them does not cease. They must be interested in the Lord’s work, and led to see that He expects them to do something to advance His cause. It is not enough to show how much needs to be done, and to urge the youth to act a part. They must be taught how to labor for the Master. They must be trained, disciplined, drilled, in the best methods of winning souls to Christ. Teach them to try in a quiet, unpretending way to help their young companions. Let different branches of missionary effort be systematically laid out, in which they may take part, and let them be given instruction and help. Thus they will learn to work for God.” EGWhite-Gospel Work pg210

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