Interest Coordinator


The Interest coordinator ensures that interests developed through the church’s missionary outreach are cared for promptly. This person is a member of the board and the personal ministries council and works directly with the pastor and chairperson of that council.
Duties of this office include:                                                                             
1. Keeping an organized list of all interests received by the church. 2.Assisting the pastor and chairperson of the personal ministries council in enlisting and recruiting qualified members for follow-up service. 
3. Presenting to the board a monthly report on the number of interests received and followed up. When an interest is sufficiently developed, it should be shared with the pastor.
“As workers for God we must reach men where they are, surrounded with darkness, sunken in vice, and stained with corruption. But while we stay our minds upon Him who is our sun and our shield, the evil that surrounds us will not bring one stain upon our garments. As we work to save the souls that are ready to perish we shall not be put to shame if we make God our trust. Christ in the heart, Christ in the life, this is our safety.” EGWhite-Ministry of Healing pg 509-511

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