New Dimension SDA Church History

In keeping with the command of God, go ye therefore and make disciples of men, the Brooklyn Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Lester Elliot, embarked on an evangelistic thrust in 1992 for the salvation of our family,  friends and neighbors.The desire to see our loved ones in the Kingdom was demonstrated by the enthusiasm with which our families and friends were enrolled in the Amazing Facts Bible Series.

The ground was prepared. The greatest force in the natural world is growth. The noblest example of that force is a tree, but a tree comes after a seed is sown. New Dimension Seventh-day Adventist Mission sprung from a seed of thought when the Brooklyn Faith SDA Church hosted the New Dimension crusade, during the period of May 16 to June 20, 1992.

Pastor Lester Elliott and the New Dimension crusade team fervently proclaimed the good news of salvation, and twenty-four (24) precious souls gave their hearts to Jesus.

The planted seed then began to germinate as the New Dimension Mission was established and began to hold services at Excelsior SDA School, under the direction of Pastors Horatio Brady and Earl Walcott. Sabbath after Sabbath, these two seedlings and thirty-five (35) budding leaves came together and began to wax strong.

In December of 1992, as a result of the budding work, five (5) precious souls were baptized. Drawing water from the source of life, the Mission Tree grew and spread at last in boughs and twigs, splendid as a gothic vault. April 24, 1993 was the first graduation from the Amazing Facts series when twenty-seven (27) people graduated and by June of the same year, seven (7) more buds were added.

September 11, 1993, saw the formal organization of the New Dimension Mission and by that time its membership had more than doubled.

Wonderful are the ways of life of the Mission Tree, for it spreads its branches far and wide. In the summer of 1995, Pastor Fitzory Jackson, the then leader of the Mission, along with the New Dimension crusade team, dug their roots deep into the hearts of the inhabitants of Brooklyn to seek and find those who were lost. In the end, twentyeight (28) new flowers began to blossom and the Mission Tree continued to grow.

On April 5,1997, the New Dimension Mission was organized as a church. To those who have bent their backs to the wind with us and have supported us continually, we say THANK YOU.

Trees have a blessed power to repair injuries, and grow over what they cannot thrust aside. The New Dimension Tree is determined to grow in grace here on earth, until we can all grow together around the tree of life, on that great day when the saints are welcomed home.

Individuals who constitute the nucleus of the New Dimension Mission are:

1. Josephine Allison  
2. Robert Brown
3. Egbert Cox
4. Irving Daniel                                                                                                          

Let’s make something together.

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